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Eve Online – you never really quit

In winter this year I resume playing Eve Online. I started my first Eve career in 2008, took a break in 2011. Played again in 2014, took another break…

You never really quit Eve Online, you just take a break (maybe an extended one).

In May 2018 Eve Online became XV. If you had an active Omega Account you got a set of „gifts“: apparel, skins and some ships.

To give players something to do, CCP designed a special event called „Conscious Interruption“.

Xentara, a Khajiit tank

At April 1st 2014 I started playing Elder Scrolls Online and created a Khajiit dragon knight, because I wanted to play a non human race. Initially I did not play this char as a tank but as a dual wield damage dealer. Before the veteran zones were nerfed in July 2014, I had some problems surviving larger NPC groups. At that time the bash attack was quite strong, so I switch to 1 hand and shield skill line and heavy armor. As I had played a tank before in other games, I gave tanking in ESO a try.  portrait